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Alison on the Road

Alison West at Wanderlust Festival in Stratton, VT

Thurs-Sun   June 16-19


Alison is very excited to return to the Wanderlust Festival again this summer! She will be assisted this time by Kristen Woods and Jane DoCampo.  In addition to some other good things, she is teaching one of her favorite subjects -- the Amazing Shoulder and the Scapulo-Humeral Rhythm. Everyone, beginning student all the way to advanced teacher, needs to know about this! You'll never take your shoulders "down your back when your arms are up" again--unless there is good reason to do so, and there are good reasons! You'll love doing things like handstand in a healthy, shoulder-centered way.


Wanderlust Workshops:

  • Our Hands & Feet Are The Unsung Heroes of Our Practice

  • Your Amazing Shoulder and How It Works in Asana

  • Secrets of Vishvamitrasana

  • From Crow To Handstand: Exploring The Shoulder In Action

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