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  • Pre-registration for workshops is required. 

  • If you need to cancel a Monday night workshop, you must do so by 6pm the preceding Wednesday. If you need to cancel a weekend workshop, you must do so by 6pm the preceding Monday. 

  • Refunds will be processed with a 10% cancellation fee.

  • Yoga Union cannot provide refunds if cancelling less than a week before the scheduled workshop.

  • If you need to cancel due to a medical/family emergency, then we process the refund without penalty or fee. 

  • Yoga Union reserves the right to cancel any workshop within 48 hours, as well as on the day of in the event of inclement weather or other emergency.

Body of Knowledge™️ Introductory Anatomy Series w/ Laurel Beversdorf

Part 1: The Trunk: September 30, 6-9p​ 

Part 2: Lower Extremity:  October 21, 6-9p

Part 3: Upper Extremity: November 4, 6-9p

Part 4: Review, November 18, 6-9p

This four-part series will teach you the basics of the human body and its functions, specifically focusing the musculoskeletal system, kinesiology, and its application to yoga.

Laurel Beversdorf is an E-RYT 500 international yoga educator. Creator of Yoga with Resistance Bands and Body of Knowledge™️  Anatomy Series, she is also an integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher and trainer and a senior teacher, trainer and mentor at YogaWorks. 

If you are attending individual sessions and not the full series, please pay special attention to the dates/subjects you desire to attend when enrolling.

Cost: $75/ea, $250/all

Backcare Basics Series w/ Christy Kokami

Sundays, November 10 - December 8 (skips 12/1), 4:30-6pm

This 4-week series covers the basic skills you need to participate in the Herniation Basics classes. Christy Kokami will teach you sound posture and alignment and how to work with your herniation, hyper-kyphosis, hyper-lordosis, spondylolisthesis, and lumbar pain. Learning these skills through a series will help you make a commitment to your Yoga practice and improve how you feel.

Hailing from Hawaii, Christy became a yoga practitioner in 2004 and deepened her practice in NY through her studies at Yoga Union under Alison West. With her background in teaching and research in anatomy and physiology, studying at YU was a natural choice as it emphasizes anatomy and its practical applications in working with students. A 500-hour graduate of YU, Christy shares her love of conscious movement and postures to help students cultivate awareness of and strengthen their unique bodies and movement patterns for life off the mat.

Cost: Fall Special! $120

If you have trouble booking, please call the studio at 212-510-7404.

Philosophy Series w/ Bob Gilbo

Friday, October 4: Intro to Philosophy, 5-7p

Friday, October 18: Sankhya Karika, 5-8p

Friday, November 15: Bhagavad Ghita, 5-8p

Friday, March 20: Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 5-8p

Friday, October 4, 2019; 5-7pm
Intro to Philosophy: from Vedic Roots to the Hatha Period

This brief survey of the sacred literature of Hinduism will outline the philosophical roots of the yoga tradition, from the Sanatana Dharma of the Vedas through the classical period of the six orthodox darshanas to the variegated hatha yoga tradition. 
Join yoga scholar, teacher and practitioner Bob Gilbo to situate three authoritative texts—the Sankya Karika, the Bhagavad Gita and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika—in their historical eras and preview how each understands the goal of yoga.

•    The session will conclude with an overview of the framework of classical Sankhya and is recommended for those attending the Sankhya Karika lecture.

Friday, October 18, 2019; 5-8pm
The Sankyha Karika: the Dance of Prakriti for Purusha

Sankhya theory underpins the Yoga, Ayurveda, and some Buddhist traditions. An introduction to the function and ultimate purpose of the gunas and other metaphysical principles is essential to understanding yoga practice as Patanjali presents it. 
Join yoga scholar, teacher and practitioner Bob Gilbo to dive into the seldom taught root text of the Sankhya darshana, the Sankhya Karika of Ishavarakrishna (ca. 350 C.E.). 
We will read, chant and discuss verses and look at how they illuminate some of the more arcane yoga sutras.

•    Suggested pre-reading: any edition of the Sankhya Karika 

Friday, November 15, 2019; 5-8pm
The Bhagavad Gita: Yoga For a World in conflict

Spoken by Lord Krishna to the warrior Arjuna, who is undergoing a moment of existential crisis on a battlefield, the compelling dialogue of the Bhagavad Gita is all about taking our yoga off the mat. As Krishna helps Arjuna resolve his crisis, we receive guidance on how to act skillfully in meeting the challenges of day-to-day life: conflict, work, family, dharma.
Join yoga scholar, teacher and practitioner Bob Gilbo to delve into this essential yoga text. We will read and chant selected verses from the Gita that outline the many paths of yoga that can reveal the nature of the self, the world, ultimate reality, and the purpose of human existence. 

•    Please bring any edition of the Gita with numbered verses (Graham Schweig translation is recommended).


Bob Gilbo is a seasoned teacher of philosophy and a regular in the Yoga Union Teacher Training. He studied Hindu philosophy with Ravi Ravindra and under Satya Narayana Das of the Jiva Institute in Vrndavan, as well as with Edwin Bryant at Rutgers University. Bob edited Dr. Bryant's landmark translation and commentary on The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali (North Point Press, 2009). He has been studying Sanskrit since 2005.


Intro to Philosophy, $35

Sankhya Karika, $50

Bhagavad Ghita, $50

All three, $125

*If you wish to book individual sessions, please call the studio. 212-510-7404

The Shoulder and The Scapulo-Humeral Rhythm w/ Alison West

Saturday, November 16, 9-12p

Have you been told to take your shoulders down your back when your arms are up? If so, learn correct action in a full range of poses and enjoy a new-found freedom in your practice by understanding the fundamental Scapulo-Humeral Rhythm. Your shoulders will love how they feel. Essential knowledge for all students and teachers.


Level: one year of practice+ / teachers

Cost: $60/Earlybird by 11/3, $50

Arm Balances w/ Alison West

Saturday, November 16, 2-5p

Arm balances can be great fun if you have the tools to successfully achieve "lift-off." Learn valuable Yoga Union preparations for these poses and ways of thinking about how them to achieve a real understanding and ability in these poses. Nauli and the Core with add immeasurably to your experience of arm balances.  At least 1 year of regular Yoga/level 2+ and teachers.  

Cost: $60, Earlybird by 11/3 $50

The Core, Uddiyana Bandha, and Nauli w/ Alison West

Sunday, November 17, 8:30-11:30a

Prepare the body for Nauli, or the powerful Kriya (cleansing action) that aids digestion and stimulates energy, and enjoy the benefits of all that effort in the core work that follows. Bring a light snack!  
At least 1 year of regular Yoga/level 2+ and teachers.  

Cost: $60, Earlybird by 11/23, $50

Intro to Restorative Yoga w/ Brette Popper

Sunday, November 17, 2-5p

Intro to Restorative Yoga will encompass principles and practical applications of restorative yoga, managing physical and emotional conditions, guidelines for prop placement and usage, adjustments, and sequencing. Participants will learn how to convert poses from active to passive, or to "active restorative," and will examine each other in various poses to learn adaptive propping. An essential tool in maintaining good health in a stressful world.

Cost: $60

Mahamudra: from asana to pranayama w/ Alison West

Saturday, December 7, 9:30-11:30a

Mahamudra, or the Great Seal, is the first pose mentioned in the seminal Hatha Yoga Pradipika. It is one of the most powerful poses through which to awaken inner energy. Asana transforms into pranayama with the powerful retentions, both internal and external, of Mahamudra. You will practice preparations for this pose both in terms of asana and breath retention, and follow it with a short meditation.

Contraindications: high blood pressure, recent abdominal surgery, pregnancy

Required: One year of regular practice + Level II + teachers

Cost: $45, Earlybird by 11/23 $35

Winter Intensive: Dynamic Strength w/ Witold Fitz-Simon

Saturday & Sunday, December 14 & 15, 9am-12pm & 2-4pm

For the body to be healthy and balanced, strength and flexibility on their own are not enough. To be strong but rigid, or flexible but slack, is to be stuck in habitual movement patterns and vulnerable to injury.

In this weekend intensive, we will break through limitations by creating strength and flexibility in the full range of motion around the hips and shoulders to promote a strong, dynamic, poised, and adaptable body. The weekend’s sequence will include a little bit of everything in a complete practice: forward bends, back bends, standing poses, core work, inversions, restorative poses and pranayama. Take your practice to the next level with intelligent, targeted progressions to create power and fluidity.

WITOLD FITZ-SIMON is a nationally certified Alexander Technique teacher. He served as a faculty member at the American Center for the Alexander Technique's teacher training program from 2016 until its closure in 2018, and has taught actors, athletes, writers, musicians, lawyers, yoga teachers, and knitters in his private practice in New York City since 2014. A certified yoga instructor since 2000, Witold combines his practice of yoga, Alexander Technique, embodied anatomy and developmental movement into a lively somatic approach to self-expression and the body.

Cost: $210, Early bird by 11/30 $180

Intro to Meditation w/ Soto Zen Priest Shokuchi


October 7, 2019

January 13, 2020

April 20, 2020


Yoga Union is excited to welcome for the first time Soto Zen priest Shokuchi for a methodical, accessible three-part introduction to meditation. 

The benefits of meditation are undisputed, but finding a genuine, experienced teacher can be challenging. This is a perfect opportunity to begin--or refresh--your practice and develop it over time with a skillful, warm and compassionate teacher.

You will leave with tools to start your meditation practice the next day! Each session includes: 
• teachings on meditation 
• instruction in meditation practice 
• periods of guided meditation 
• discussion.

Shokuchi (Deirdre Carrigan) was ordained a Soto Zen priest in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, founder of San Francisco Zen Center in 2010, and has been teaching yoga since 1988. She met her teachers, Zen Master Tenshin Reb Anderson Roshi and Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Donald Moyer, in a Zen and Yoga retreat at Green Gulch Farm 35 years ago and has been practicing both Zen meditation and yoga since that time. She is currently Tanto (Head of Practice) at Brooklyn Zen Center and teaches yoga classes at 100 Smith in Brooklyn.


Cost: $55/session, $135 all three

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