Workshops and classes will be online until further notice due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

We are using the Zoom platform. Please register as usual, and a link will be sent to you.

YU Workshop & Events Policy

  • Pre-registration for workshops is required. 

  • If you need to cancel a Monday night workshop, you must do so by 6pm the preceding Wednesday. If you need to cancel a weekend workshop, you must do so by 6pm the preceding Monday. 

  • Refunds will be processed with a 10% cancellation fee.

  • Yoga Union cannot provide refunds if cancelling less than a week before the scheduled workshop.

  • If you need to cancel due to a medical/family emergency, then we process the refund without penalty or fee. 

  • Yoga Union reserves the right to cancel any workshop within 48 hours, as well as on the day of in the event of inclement weather or other emergency.

Herniation and Osteoporosis of the Spine Yoga Basics
Online Workshop

Sunday, February 7, EST 12- 2pm

LA 9-11am; Paris 6-8pm; Moscow 8-9pm

Herniation and Osteoporosis of the Spine Basics is taught by Alison West, a leader in the field of Yoga Therapy for the Spine. She will share with you the fundamentals of safe movement both in and out of Yoga class. Understanding a neutral spine is important and fun. There is so much that you can do safely and you will leave with useful tools and working principles.


Props: a mat, chair, yoga belt, two blocks, two yoga blankets.

If you don’t have precisely these things, don’t worry. You’ll have similar items at home, from regular blankets, towels, books (for blocks) and so on.


Level: all levels and teachers


Please register no later than Saturday noon, February 6. 
If for any reason you forget to register, just check the event. 

If it is not sold out, you will still be able to register, up to one hour (11am) before the workshop.


Link available for 48 hours after workshop and available for purchase after the workshop.


ZOOM LINK: PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER if for any reason you have not received the Zoom link, which will be sent an hour before the event.


CALL 212 510 7404 if you are having a problem logging on.

Please do this no later than 11:45 am before the workshop.    Do not email!



If you are registering from abroad and get a message that you are not able to do so, enter England as your residence and include the studio number as your phone number: 212 510 7404. Wellness Living is working on making its registration compatible with every country, but it is taking time.


On-demand: Yoga and The Amazing Dowel w/ Alison West

Six hours of recorded material

Bonus pdf of Alison’s Yoga Journal article on Yoga + Dowels.

On-demand: Yoga for Hyperextension and Hypermobility w/ Alison West

Six hours of recorded material

Bonus 53-page pdf on Hyperextension and Hypermobility.

On-demand: Yoga for Scoliosis Basics: 3-Part series

2-Hour Sessions + Extra Videos and Handouts

w/ Alison West

Bonus handouts and supplementary videos to help you with your studies.

Based on the online series of three 2-hour sessions.

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