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YU is recognized by Yoga Alliance at the 200 & 500 level.

But more importantly, it is recognized by its peers as one of the leading Teacher Training institutions in America.


ALISON WEST leads the powerful “Gold Standard” YUTTs  with a roster of exceptional guest teachers. Limited class size and seasoned teachers make for an unforgettable experience. The YU 500 TT continues the “Gold Standard” (TONY 2007) quality of its 200/500TT in its equally rich and demanding eight-month program, providing you with the opportunity not only to become outstanding teachers at the intermediate+ level, but to maintain a serious self-practice in asana, pranayama and meditation. Become a confident, knowledgeable teacher while exploring the more subtle aspects of Yoga and and the relevance of ancient texts to modern life. You will develop your teaching skills and understanding in an intimate environment with world-class teachers.  Excellence, integrity, hard work, inspiration–these are some of the qualities you can expect from the YU® 500TT.  And because of the limited group size, you will receive abundant personal attention and have the opportunity to develop a real Satsang with your fellow students.


In addition to the well-rounded program described below, you will receive Basic Backcare Certification,and Level One Wall-Rope Certification, allowing you to safely and effectively use wall-ropes at YU and other studios where they are available to you. You will also come away ready to teach Two Workshops prepared by you as part of your final. 200-Hour Certificate awarded in December, allowing you to start teaching, providing you have met all requirements. 





200-Hour Three Pillars of Practice Teacher Training

The powerful Yoga Union® Teacher Trainings give you a thorough foundation for outstanding, safe, effective teaching, while allowing you to discover your personal direction as a teacher and as a person. This program may also be taken as a personal enrichment program. These are demanding teacher trainings that assume you want to learn as much as you can both about your own practice and the larger tradition of Yoga. The 200TT also lays the foundation for successful participation in the 500TT.


500-Hour Mandala of Yoga Teacher Training

The Mandala of Yoga brings together a powerful and seasoned group of teachers to help you become a knowledgeable, compassionate and creative teacher. Completing the full Mandala of Yoga 500TT is the single best way to achieve a strong understanding of yoga as a practical, philosophical and spiritual path. Build a thorough foundation for outstanding alignment as well as vinyasa teaching grounded in intelligent work and sustained teaching practice.

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