THE yoga studio to go to for intelligent, illuminating teaching. I’ve been going for several years now, after many years of practice and teacher training in vinyasa yoga. The focus on alignment has transformed my practice, enabling me to correct imbalances and practice with a deeper awareness. Alison’s teaching is a continuous source of delightful insights and inventive use of props to help students develop their practice in whatever way is best for them. The classes are rigorous and require students to think about and fully integrate what is being taught, not just imitate the teacher or go through the motions. Truly a complete mind-body practice!​ - Susie Marples


Yoga Union is a terrific studio! The teachers instruct and educate from a very deep knowledge base. Students get a great blend of individual attention, encouragement, humor, and support.  Classes are small, and the studio is clean and beautiful, with an ample supply of props. Conveniently, yoga mats are also provided by Yoga Union.  The slings and ropes are extremely useful, and fun too.  Thanks to the superb teachers here I feel so much better, look better, and my body functions so much better.  It is heartening to continue to progress –working in class, and beginning a home practice, really pays off.  Quite a few friends and family who haven’t seen me in 6 months or a year have spontaneously asked me “what did you do… no really, what did you do?”  The positive changes are 100% due to Yoga Union.    - Nina

February 1, I will have been taking weekly classes with Alison for three years. Her classes are always vigorous and demanding. My own moniker for Alison is that she conducts the “Oxford"classes of Yoga. Alison combines the architecture, geometry, physics, anatomy, soft tissue and philosophy of Yoga in every class. She teaches seriously, but with joy.  She wants us to, “Have FUN!" Each Yoga class usually has a specific focus, targeting a particular part of the body. I have back “issues” which make me wary of classes that focus on the back. Last week we had a particularly strenuous back class. However, to my amazement and pleasure, in all of the classes I have taken that study the back, including last week, I have never had so much as a scintilla of pain or discomfort.  It is credit to Alison that no one in her classes exceeds his/her individual capabilities. Her hawk eyes keep everyone honest. For me, at age 84, it is a pleasure to show up on time, do my very best and try to exceed expectations.  I have constant goals, good supervision and instruction as I try to achieve those classic poses. - Nancy B Hoffman

I've taught two basics classes with the ropes at Shambhala and just loved how illuminating it was for the students to feel the ropes on the hip points and to release those shoulders in DD1 and DD2. We also used the ropes to open shoulders and explore side plank, and in one class I used the neck traction prior to savasana. It seems as though Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center is integrating the ropes into appropriate classes. Those of us who attended training with you are practicing there, and experimenting prior to teaching anything. - Sarah Meredith,  yogainsideout.org, after completing the Ropes Certification Weekend w/ Alison West

I initially took classes at Yoga Union in 2013. At the time I was completely bent over with sciatic pain and scoliosis. After shoulder surgery and much procrastination, I finally returned to Yoga Union to take the Senior Series in 2014. I have and am also taking The Beginners Basics Series and recently the Herniation Basics classes.  Although I was originally hesitant to progress past the “beginner” stage and take the Core Class, I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was explained and I did what I could. I did not feel rushed at all. It really was for almost everyone. It is work and fun at the same time. Love those ropes! I also appreciate the attention to safety and order in the classes and the studio in general. - Peggy Shed


I feel extremely fortunate to have found Yoga Union. Six weeks ago I arrived at the studio with a deer caught in the headlights feeling, newly diagnosed with significant scoliosis. It was so helpful to discover such specialized classes to work on the asymmetry while practicing yoga and also in my daily life. Now I feel thankful that these classes actually help!  I'm confident that I'm in really good hands here. I've been attending the Yoga for Scoliosis Basics classes with Rachel Jesien. Rachel has a tremendous depth of knowledge, which is very reassuring.  Poses are well explained, and classes are small enough to allow thoughtful corrections & encouragement while she focuses on alignment, attention to safety & listening to your body. The props (abundant when needed), wall ropes and slings are terrific.  Rachel's experience and commitment enables the classes to flow well with different levels of students in the class.  Her sense of humor and pacing keeps the class interesting and fun. The studio is really clean, the environment's serene, and I appreciate getting access to the great depth of expertise about scoliosis available at Yoga Union.  - Nina

People always ask me for good yoga teacher recommendations and teachers ask me about the best certifications. Without hesitation, I always mention Alison West. - Kim Lien Kendall


Kaitlyn is a wonderful teacher. I began taking Yoga for Backcare with her Yoga Union. She is very knowledgeable, kind, and very attentive and devoted to her students. She gives all special individual attention which is so important for good basic skills. That is what Yoga Union is all about! - Kathy Heigerski, NY Yoga + Life Magazine Inspiration Nomination

Jane is a gifted and knowledgeable yoga teacher.  She builds a class, step by step, with postures that align and open the body,  She is sensitive and aware of her students, offering appropriate alternatives while skillfully moving the class forward. I look forward to her weekly class. It is always a pleasure to do yoga with Jane! - Roslyn Streifer


- And thank you very much for the inspirational content in your dowel workshop. I have been using dowels in my Iyengar yoga teaching and in mobility and pilates teaching for years. [..] I got so much inspiration by studying with you. I think the content was pure gold and I respect your proficiency and I really loved your open-minded attitude and encouragement to explore and to be creative.  The workshop worked really well as an online-course. [...] Your voice and instructions were clear and the rhythm of the course was good. I just loved every moment!

Katha L., Helsinki


- Thank you very much for amazing class Alison.. Love it absolutely.. It was nice to meet you.. Today morning I woke up so light with no head or neck stiffness.. Just very happy.. Really really happy.

Leyla A., Singapore


- Thank you so much for today's workshop, it was a joy practicing with you. I wish I'd done more at your center when I lived in NYC!

Chantal H., Switzerland


- Thank you so much Alison - I sustained an injury to my left SI after years of practicing vinyasa flow, and backbending beyond a sustainable position. The dowel has been so therapeutic for taking me out of compression. I saw your instagram a few months ago and have admired your use of props from afar, so the silver lining to this global pandemic is that I can practice with you whilst being in Scotland. I will be joining you for your hypermobility workshop in May. 

Demelza F., Scotland