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Alison teaches private sessions as well as classes.


When Alison is in NY, she teaches one-on-one in person sessions out of the Balance Arts Center at 151 West 30th street. In person sessions are $190/hr, $275/1.5hrs, $350/2hs.


If you come with your teacher a one-hour session is $290. It is possible for two or three persons to share a session at no extra cost if you are coming for a simple Yoga lesson without the need for therapeutic work (e.g., herniation, scoliosis, hip surgery, shoulder issues).

Online private sessions are $150/hr, $215/1.5hs, $270/2hs.

You will receive a Zoom link for your session about an hour before it starts as well as any information regarding props and other essentials.

Please email to schedule a session.

One-hour home sessions with no more than one hour of travel-time start at $400 in Manhattan up to 86th Street. Students are expected to provide mats, blocks, straps and any other item required and to have the necessary set up prior to the start of the lesson, including moving any incidental furniture.  

Corporate Instruction


Alison offers instruction at your place of work or at our studio privately with your team.

You can also schedule a workshop for our “Office Yoga” program, showing you how to make the best of your desk, chair and doorway! 

Call 212.510.7404 or email for rates and information regarding on-site classes.


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