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US custom-made Yoga Unions Slings are constructed from seatbelt webbing (rated for 3000lbs), mountaineering carabiners and parachute buckles. They are very strong! These versatile and adjustable slings will allow you to traction and strengthen at home even without a Yoga wall by using our overdoor supports. You turn your door into a rope wall!

The 2-Carabiner sling has no detachable seat and therefore has only two carabiners.

The 4-Carabiner sling has a detachable seat and therefore has four carabiners. You can use the straps and attach something else to them, or use the seat and attach it alone to something else. More experience is required for this.

If you are travelling and want a lighter sling, the 2-Carabiner will be a better choice.

If you plan to work more regularly and in-depth, you might want the 4-Carabiner sling.


2-Carabiner sling $119.99 + tax + shipping

4-Carabiner sling $139.99 + tax + shipping


Shipping: 1-2 slings ship in the US for $25, or 1 sling + 1 set of overdoors.

Shipping to foreign countries varies according to the destination.


Email about purchasing a sling and let us know what kind you want.


You will receive a Waiver of Liability and Instruction Manual on how to assemble and clean your sling. You will need to email back that you have read the waiver and agree to both its terms and to our no refund policy on sling sales.





Made from the same seatbelt webbing as our slings, the Yoga Union over-the-door supports hook over any standard door allowing you to create your very own rope wall at home. Plastic tubing keeps the support from moving. The safest was to practice is to place the sling on the closing side of the door. I.e., when you pull the door handle, the door closes towards you and is held against the door frame.


One pair: $12.99 + tax + shipping

Shipping: $13.00


Email about purchasing a pair of overdoors.

Yoga Union Slings

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