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Slings Workshop

Alison West teaches the fundamentals of sling use in the center of the room. Discover how they can be aids to alignment, build strength and release the body deeply. For teachers and students already experienced on the rope-wall.


Working with the slings is fun, illuminating, relaxing, strengthening--everything that the wall ropes are, but without the support of the wall. This means that one can move more freely, but also that one has less security. Safety is a primary concern. You will have a chance to familiarize yourself with how the slings work mechanically, and how to approach entering and exiting the slings securely.

Recommended: a pair of Wet/Oil Coated Grip Gloves (Pro Series, black with yellow “shield” logo on the back of the glove. About $6 at Home Depot, or $9 cash at YU). This will give you tremendous traction on the seat-belt webbing of the slings, as well as on the regular wall ropes. You will need these gloves for some of the supported alignment work in the center.



  • The slings are not to be confused with aerial silks!

  • This workshop is a requirement for anyone wishing to teach with the slings at Yoga Union and who has done the Rope Wall Certification program (or is Iyengar trained on the ropes).  

  • One year of regular yoga practice is required.

January 26, 2018    6:15-9:15p    $55, or $45 with Ropes Certification

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